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JJ Ice cream serves it up

JJ Ice cream on Funston & Irving gets a new flavor with its very own ice cream-themed bench. JJ, pictured below, looks like one happy man!

JJ Ice cream


Cheesy benches

At the Public Bench Project, we’re really a bunch of cheesy people. And this new bench shows!

Outside the Irving Subs shop on 2th & Irving, we’ve got 2 new benches – one of them fitting in with the shop’s cheese vibe.

cheese bench

PBP moves up to SF School of the Arts

Today the Public Bench Project worked with staff, students, and volunteers to put together a whole load of benches up at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts. We’re going to see a lot of happy students next week!

image(1)  image(3)





Sunrise bench at the farmers market parking lot

This is bench #3 at the farmers market parking lot location on the east side of 9th Avenue between Irving and Judah. This bench went up a few weeks ago but we just got the photos now.

This area looks great now with all three benches present. The sunrise design is also great – it looks bold from a distance but also was painted in a relatively short amount of time.

Next to the lions

This one is at 11th & Irving.

Another bench outside the farmers market parking lot

We added another bench next to the noticeboard. It’s funny how locals call this parking lot the “Farmers Market Parking Lot”, even though the market only happens there for a couple of hours on Sundays. Maybe people only take joy in that space when it’s alive with people, not used as a car storage lot.

Hidden Garden Steps bench

The Hidden Garden Steps is a fantastic community project to tile the steps at the top of 16th Avenue with a beautiful mosaic, similar to that on the Moraga Steps on the other side of Grand View. The Public Bench Project donated a bench, shown below, to the bottom of the Hidden Garden Steps and HGS team member Paul Signorelli sits proudly on said bench.

New bench: Blackthorn Tavern

The Blackthorn Tavern, 834 Irving Street, is the latest recipient of one of our benches. This location is a small coup – it’s a central spot on Irving Street between 9th and 10th Avenues. Here we see David Zimmerman (left), Blackthorn co-owner, enjoying the new bench.

Benches #2-12: Lots of new public seating!

Welcome back to the Public Bench Project blog. As you may have noticed, a healthy number of benches have been popping up around the Inner Sunset recently. Although we haven’t slacked on that front, we certainly have been slacking on posting updates on this blog. So today, we present all newly installed benches. Also, check out the interactive Google Map on the right, which also includes all bench locations.

Bench #2: Outside residential house at 6th & Lincoln

Proud resident Maria poses on her new bench.

Bench #3: Cloud bench outside Surreal You Hair Design

This bench is located along a fairly busy pedestrian walkway, right next to an N Judah stop, outside Surreal You Hair Design, 538 Irving St @ 7th.

Bench #4: Hearts bench, 6th & Irving

This one gets good use.

Bench #5: Outside Paresh Martial Arts, 447 Irving st @ 6th

This bench is used when parents wait to pick up their children from martial arts practice.

Bench #6: Midas Touch, Irving between 6th and 7th

See the golden strip down the middle. This is located along the white “Yes We Can” fence on Irving between 6th and 7th Avenues.

Bench #7: Above Garden for the Environment, Locksley @ Lawton St

This is located behind and above GFE’s plot.

Bench #8: Outside residential building, 6th between Irving & Hugo

This one has ginko leaf touches and will be updated with a more comprehensive design…

Bench #9: Le Video, 1231 9th Avenue

This bench outside Le Video rental store is getting a good amount of use (not in this pre-opening hours photo, of course).

Bench #10: Urban Bazaar, 1371 9th Ave @ Judah

Urban Bazaar is a fair trade and locally handmade gift store. This bench has slightly shorter legs on one side to accommodate for the slight slope. Nice design!

Bench #11: Dance With Life Chiropractic, 1475 9th Av @ Kirkham

This bench is further up the hill than most, meaning a good rest for weary legs.


Bench #12: Everybody Bikes, 1352 Irving St

This is much more westerly than the rest of the benches. More in this area please!


…And that’s about it for now. If you want your own bench, contact us. It’s easy and you’ll love what a bench does for you, your neighbors and friends.

Bench #1.5: The first art bench

Early on in the Public Bench Project, some folks thought it would be fun if benches were also pieces of art as well as functional furniture. Right now, several “art benches” are in production. The below bench is the first out of the stables, courtesy of local artist Devin Keller. Thanks Devin. Show your love, people!


Note: As you might see, we put the bench where the old green bench was, so we’re counting this as bench 1.5.