Another bench outside the farmers market parking lot

We added another bench next to the noticeboard. It’s funny how locals call this parking lot the “Farmers Market Parking Lot”, even though the market only happens there for a couple of hours on Sundays. Maybe people only take joy in that space when it’s alive with people, not used as a car storage lot.


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  1. Kenneth W. Jenks

    I am very happy to discover the bench on 9th Avenue, by the notice board, courtesy of the Farmer’s Market. I shop on foot and occasionally need to rest. I have found no public benches and have had to resort to sitting at transit stops. Once, I sat on a wooden border for a planter box beside a big blue house at 6th and Irving. A woman came out of the house. I got up to leave and she asked me to stay seated. She was happy to see her planter box put to that extra use. I give my sincere gratitude to the community people who have provided the benches.

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